Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sailing the Seven Seas – Week 1 – Sailing from Halifax to Cadiz

Students watching the ship depart from Halifax

Excited but anxious about crossing the Atlantic

MV Explorer - SAS Ship

View of Halifax from the seaport

Official schedule on the ship

Jon and Joanna in action in Halifax

View of downtown Halifax

Public Garden in Halifax
Ship's Ahoy! I am not fluent in "Shipese," but I think my room faces the port side.
Time is flying, despite the fact that we are chugging along to Cadiz, Spain. We left Halifax on Friday. I really enjoyed spending some time in this quaint Canadian city. Joanna and I made our way to a beautiful public garden, and ate some Canadian delicacies – beavertail (fried dough with toppings) and poutine (French fries covered with gravy and cheese curds). We split everything, so I did not feel as guilty about partaking. The photos above are of Halifax and the official start of the 100th voyage.

It’s hard to believe that the first week of this adventure is nearly over, and that I am sailing across the Atlantic, along with approximately 900 other crew, faculty, staff and students of all ages and cultures! Talk about a unique experience with an experimental community. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would embark on such a journey. It is a journey of self discovery in many ways, especially while staring out at the vastness of the ocean. It’s quite humbling.

We have been involved with the students’ orientation for the past few days, as well as plotting out our game plan for our upcoming videoconferences. Our first live broadcast will take place on Tuesday, September 8th – location TBA. There are some Spanish professors and students on the ship that we hope to work with at a local school in either Cadiz or Seville. Since the theme of the voyage is globalization, all of the courses involve global education, so I am right at home here.

We will be on the ship for a whole week until we reach Spain, so I am adjusting to life at sea with this motley crew of cool people! I ran into both people and walls when trying to walk down the hall today, but it’s all good. It certainly helps in striking up a conversation.

Today we sat in on a documentary film class where we will be guest lecturers. I feel like a poser when I was referred to as an accomplished filmmaker, but I can talk about the GNG programs, at least!

Other than feeling dizzy and missing family, life as a seafarer is nice. The shipboard community is quite active, and faculty and staff hang out every night in the lounge, (a former night club with cheesy strobe lights and all) so I am getting to know people little by little.

Signing off for now - gotta go outside to look at the horizon to help steady myself.

Would love to hear from you, though. My Semester at Sea e-mail address is Since bandwidth is quite limited and very slow at sea, this is the best way to reach me. I promise to write back!


  1. Hi T,

    I am so glad to be living vicariously through you and your blog. I always wanted to do SAS. You go girl! So lucky!

    Anyway, have fun and keep us all posted. I invited my folks and Amanda to follow along. I will also let the La Buena Life members ( know about what you are up to.



  2. Gracias, Ana!! Te mande una tarjeta postal a tu oficina.

    :-) t