Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sailing the Seven Seas - Week 1 - Halifax Ho!

Photos of the MV Explorer and our 12 bags!!

GNG Team

Getting My Sealegs...

Greetings from the MV Explorer, the official Semester at Sea (SAS) ship! Global Nomads Group (GNG), where I work, has partnered with SAS during its 100th voyage as an educational outreach partner. I am so excited to be part of this historic voyage!

I just finished Day 3 on board the ship, and am having a fantastic time so far - except for the seasickness and missing my hubby and puppy. I am trying to focus on the ol' mind over matter technique, but it's not really working - oh, well. At least we reach Halifax tomorrow. I've been told by my awesome colleagues, Joanna and Jon, that I will get used to it and will even miss the rocking when I disembark the ship for good. Speaking of Joanna and Jon, it's great to be working with them on so many levels, especially since they both did previous SAS voyages.

My room has some sweet amenities, like a fridge in the cabin, a TV that shows movies, a desk, a bathroom and window, so that I can look at the ocean. The ship itself is outfitted really well with a gym, full service salon, three large buffet meals, etc. - sounds like I am roughing it, eh? I am happy to report that I actually went to the gym today - it's a funky feeling to be swaying to and fro while trying to work out.

My days have been filled with faculty/staff orientation meetings, and I could not have asked for a nicer group of people to spend a few months with - score! We also made a short webumentary about getting used to life on a ship which we will put on our YouTube channel soon.

For those of you who do not have a clue as to what I am doing aboard the SAS ship, I thought I would briefly share that GNG is going to be broadcasting live videoconferences with secondary schools in each of the countries where SAS sails, along with schools in North America. The videoconferences are based on the manifold issues surrounding globalization and the flat world - the theme of the voyage. We will also be documenting a service learning project called the $100 Solution. We are thrilled that the faculty wants to work with us by attending our videoconferences, etc.

Since this is my first attempt ever at blogging, hope you enjoyed my ramblings...Joanna is a pro at blogging, so I have followed her lead. Hope you like the photos!

Hasta Halifax! It will be my first time in the Atlantic time zone.

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